Just a little bit

After I moved on from my relationship with the man I shall not mention, I got my own Apartment it wasn’t the best it was in Bridgeport on McKinley Ave. My best friend at the time basically moved in with me. She was always at my side up to a certain time in our lives. I loved her with all my heart because without her I probably would of crumbled. We spent every waking moment of the day with her. My Apartment had roaches, but it was fixable and that’s what we did. I still miss her today. She had gotten me through a very hard time in my life, my mom would take my son and his dad at times so I was able to go out and have some fun. It is a funny story She was dating this guy and her and I went out came home and he pissed all in my bed. She started grabbing my sons diapers and throwing them at him telLong him he better start wearing them. I never laughed so hard in my life. We both were like what a loser. I was a single mom and I was scared. I started going out and meeting people and I met my next boyfriend and usually when I start dating someone it’s for a long time he was a drinker and so was I so it probably wasn’t the best match for me. But we ended up together for 7 years and I had another bouncing baby boy which this time I said let me do it right we ended up getting married. I probably shouldn’t of because all we did was drink and fight, my husband couldn’t drink without partying so yes I am no angel I partied with him nothing heavy maybe a little cocaine here and there. But then he wasn’t coming home from work, he would go to the bar after work while me and my 2 boys were home and then my home started to become after hours because the bar wasn’t enough for him. I’m going to take a little break for awhile, but I will be back tomorrow. Good night y’all.. Xoxo


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